Shakira avoids trial for tax fraud in Spain through a substantial fine: Details of the case and the reasons behind the decision

The Colombian singer Shakira managed to avoid trial in Spain for tax evasion this Monday by accepting a substantial fine, thereby avoiding jail, a decision she made to protect her children, as she stated before a Barcelona court. “My children have requested it, and for them, I have made this decision,” expressed the artist.

The fine amounts to approximately 7.8 million euros, added to the already paid 17.5 million, covering the 14.5 million defrauded to the Spanish tax authorities between 2012 and 2014, plus an additional 3 million in interest.

Shakira, spared from prison due to a significant penalty, arrived at the Barcelona Court amidst media attention, accompanied by her lawyers and police officers. Wearing sunglasses and a pink suit, she entered through the main entrance, while on the other side of the security fence, about a hundred people, mostly journalists and photographers, but also curious onlookers and some admirers, demanded “justice for Shakira.”

The singer faced charges of falsely claiming residency outside Spain to defraud the tax authorities. Over twelve years, Shakira, 46, shared her life with the former Spanish footballer of FC Barcelona and current entrepreneur Gerard Piqué, 36, until they announced their separation in 2022, after which she moved to Miami (United States) with their two children following a custody agreement.

Pau Molins, the lawyer defending the Barranquillera, explained the case on the program “El món a RAC1.” “Shakira’s romantic relationship has cost her 120 million euros. If she had been in a relationship with Sergio Ramos instead of Piqué, it would have been much cheaper,” he commented. He also pointed out, “Despite boasting about the equality of Spaniards, if you are a resident in Catalonia, you may face prison for a crime that would be impossible in Madrid, where there is no wealth tax.”

Finally, Molins stated that the artist is innocent of the charges and emphasized the complexity of taxation for global artists. “Where should they pay taxes if they are constantly traveling the world? It’s challenging to determine the appropriate place when they are on a tour of 74 countries.”

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