Trump doesn’t need to worry because New Hampshire doesn’t represent what the United States is.

Trump has no reason to be concerned since New Hampshire does not accurately reflect the diversity of the United States.

Donald Trump has taken a step closer to becoming the Republican presidential candidate in the United States. His success in New Hampshire, just minutes after the polls closed, puts him in a position to compete for the White House, backed by the historical trend favoring those who win the first two Republican primaries.

Despite his victory, the magnate did not show much enthusiasm. The reason was clear: Nikki Haley had managed to come out on top in this state, and the results were closer than the polls suggested. Trump may have expected such an overwhelming victory that his rival would drop out early in the primaries, but the former governor of South Carolina has made it clear that she is staying in the race.

“Who was that imposter who went on stage earlier and claimed victory?” Trump questioned his followers, adding, “I don’t get angry much, I get even.”

With 91% of the votes counted, Trump has secured 54.5% of the total with 163,700 votes, while Haley reached 43.2% with 129,646 ballots. This translates to 11 delegates for the former president and eight for the candidate, giving the magnate twice as many delegates in total, with 31 compared to 16. However, many more are needed to reach the 1,215 required for the nomination.

Despite the interpretation that can be given to the data, indicating that Trump is not as strong and is losing momentum compared to Iowa, the peculiarities of New Hampshire must be considered.

In a small and moderate state where Republicans have not won in presidential elections since 2000, Trump has emerged victorious. In addition, Governor Chris Sununu’s endorsement of Haley and the participation of independent voters have influenced the results. Trump has triumphed among registered Republicans, while Haley has gained ground among those with no party preferences, possibly Democratic sympathizers.

Trump has overcome challenges in an adverse state, showcasing his strength and solidifying his position as the favorite in the process. The upcoming primaries in South Carolina may be crucial, but polls predict a wide victory for Trump. Pressures on Haley to withdraw will increase as the party seeks unity to face Biden.

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