According to information, the Warriors attempted to sign LeBron in the finals

This Wednesday, it was reported that the Golden State Warriors unsuccessfully tried to acquire LeBron James in the final stretch of this season’s NBA trade deadline.

This year, the trade deadline was at 3:00 PM New York time on February 8, and in the 24 hours leading up to it, the Warriors inquired with the Lakers about the possibility of trading for LeBron. This move would have seen the NBA’s leading scorer sharing the court with Stephen Curry, the greatest three-point shooter in history.

Curry and LeBron, during their time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, had a legendary rivalry in the NBA, featuring four consecutive Finals from 2015 to 2018, with three ending in victory for the Golden State.

According to Balón Positivo, Golden State had plans to make an offer, but neither the Lakers nor LeBron showed any interest. The discussions involved the owners of both franchises. Joe Lacob (Warriors), encouraged by his player Draymond Green, contacted Jeanie Buss (Lakers) to inquire whether LeBron’s apparent frustration (including cryptic messages on social media) could be seen as a first step toward a trade.

Buss responded that the Lakers were not interested but directed him to Rich Paul, LeBron’s agent at Klutch Sports, regardless. Paul told Mike Dunleavy Jr., the Warriors’ general manager, that LeBron wasn’t interested. This was also the response Dunleavy Jr. received from Rob Pelinka, who holds the same position with the Lakers.

The focal point of this signing attempt seemed to revolve around Green, whose agent is also Paul. The Warriors’ player spoke with him to help persuade LeBron.

Similarly, the Philadelphia 76ers also inquired with the Lakers about the possibility of trading for LeBron. In that case, Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Philadelphia franchise, received an immediate no from Pelinka.

The Usa Herald reported that Morey has a notable history of inquiring about players even when he knows the acquisition is improbable. For instance, the Sixers’ general manager also had discussions with the Phoenix Suns this year about a potential trade for Kevin Durant.

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