Maximizing Digital Campaigns with Artificial Intelligence

As we approach the end of the year, companies are seeking various tools to boost and increase their sales. In this context, technology, and particularly Artificial Intelligence, emerges as an essential tool to achieve this goal.

Instead of manually setting up campaigns to test different combinations of target audience, creativity, and placement, advertisers can use AI to set up a single campaign and test over 100 different combinations, optimizing the highest-performing ads and achieving superior results with fewer and more efficient campaigns. This allows for reaching a broader audience and providing a personalized experience that motivates action.

Tools incorporating generative Artificial Intelligence save time and resources while also boosting productivity. According to a survey of advertisers, most expect to save time, and half estimate that generative AI will save them five or more hours per week, equivalent to a month per year. This is because they can create multiple versions of advertising assets with just a press of a button, reducing the time spent on editing tasks and enabling a more strategic approach.

While Meta has been using AI in its ad ranking system for years, in the last two years, they have made a significant investment in AI to develop advertising tools and help advertisers adapt to a digital advertising ecosystem with more limited data access.

Some argue that AI should be responsible, but it is also believed that it should be practical, accessible, and truly useful when results are seen, which can have a significant impact and transform results-oriented marketing. The goal is to use AI to show what ‘optimization’ truly means and help brands achieve it.

In line with this, the company recently announced its first AI-based generative tools for advertising creatives in the Meta Ad Manager, which will be available globally next year. This will mark a new era of creativity to maximize campaign productivity, personalization, and performance.

These new features will complement the AI-based experiences and tools that Meta continues to develop for businesses, such as AI Sandbox, which facilitates the introduction of new advertising creatives, and Meta Advantage, which optimizes campaign results and customizes ads to reach the right people at the right time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


AI as an Engine for Business Growth

This year promises to be exceptional for digital marketing experts, as the year-end festivities will be powered by artificial intelligence.

This technology has become essential in the advertising field, with a wider range than ever of tools available to marketing professionals. From AI-based automation tools to generative AI in its early stages, which facilitate the creation of advertising content more quickly.

Therefore, it is worth considering this technology not as a threat, but as an opportunity to be a key driver in business strategy.

Published by The USA Herald, a news and information agency.

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