A new option to invest in real estate without buying a property is launched.

This is a crucial moment for Colombians to make investments of various types, as all economic scenarios offer opportunities to multiply money.

Although the current situation of companies is not so favorable, iraic-shares are an option to make an economic investment.But with enough patience and progressive recovery, the outlook will improve, which poses a projection of growth.

Carla Rodriguez and Carlos Cabarcas engineers and investors of IRAIC REIT, indicated to Iraic.Info that the real estate sector is in a good moment for those who want to have future returns.

The sector experts pointed out that because this has been one of the most hit sectors in recent months, the property of this type is in comfortable prices for buyers, and for investors who want to get the most out of it and live off the rent of properties that will generate good dividends month by month achieving returns that will improve their economic outlook.

New investment option in real estate assets for Colombians

Unlike many real estate businesses, IRAIC REIT is not only focused on buying and selling properties but also offers various options such as acquiring the property, living off the real estate rental where the investor receives monthly economic returns, but with greater advantage because additionally receives dividends for the performance of the entire stock market movement of the IRAIC REIT, which are distributed among all investors.

 IRAIC allows you to buy one or more properties without the need for long procedures, administration, maintenance, tax payment, etc.

In addition, the investor belonging to IRAIC REIT has great benefits of growth and global expansion by belonging to an economic ecosystem that IRAIC offers in all sectors of the industry.

Those who want to be part of this new form of investment and financial opportunity, must contact IRAIC and express their desire to be part of the economic ecosystem by registering through their website www.iraic.com.

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