February 2, 2023

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Doña panela begins expansion and marketing through Iraic

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In 1994 the Doña Panela family was born, making the dream of innovating the habitual consumption of panela come true in a practical and instant bucket, naturally feeding Colombia and some countries.

For 27 years, Doña Panela has been cultivating the sweetness of tradition in all the homes of Colombia, strengthening the peasant identity in the mountains of Boyacá.

Doña Panela has recently entered into an expansion process, so that more people know each of the products that the company sells; In addition, strengthen more market strategies to generate more brand positioning, as well as achieve more economic growth through IRAIC.

The projected profit and loss statement for the first year shows that sales are sufficient to cover total costs and expenses.

The company’s monthly return on sales is currently 19.0%.

The company has an initial investment of $62,500,000 IRAIC.

The company estimates exponential growth, promoting each of its products internationally, with the ultimate goal in the European Union, the United States and Canada.

Posted by Irac.info, news and information agency

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