February 2, 2023

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Wall Street, beyond web3 and blockchains: IRAIC a private quantum system

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When one thinks of Wall Street, one thinks of wealth, power, money, greed and millionaires. A site where you can make or lose a fortune in a couple of minutes, where your business can succeed or fail. Wall Street is where most financial activities take place in the United States. It’s where the New York Stock Exchange is located, and where all the major banks and investment companies call home. But Wall Street wasn’t always the place where trillions are made and lost every day. Wall Street’s history started from much more modest beginnings than it is today.

As we can currently see in the Wall Street stock market, many companies in all sectors have had many unevenness, losses of millions of dollars and, failing that, temporary and permanent closures led to bankruptcy due to low trade, high inflation, added to the financial crisis. with high interest rates before the central banks.

From here, the fact of the emergence of new forms of collaborative economic companies, with the arrival of the Internet unleashed a torrent of new economic activity, such as decentralized autonomous organizations, such as some startups for example, have shown immense promise in allowing companies to people to coordinate while distributed around the world and create vast new sums of wealth.

However, these new ways of generating income do not have the potential for credibility, because they continue to be decentralized autonomous organizations with present risks, without the support of entities that certify the management given to the invested capital. These institutions have imitated information corresponding to the system carried out by IRAIC.

Although, taking into account the above, the only method based on a private quantum system is the IRAIC. This development goes beyond web 3 and blockchains. It offers a quantum and economic system that generates well-being from the inside out.

IRAIC is strongly led by an ecosystem that is really the one that transforms all sectors of the world economy, from the most basic standards to those with the most impact, seeking to promote and develop new solutions in the face of decreasing imbalances of stagnation in the industry and in the market. This new unique transformational innovation was designed as a priority by our market and world economy specialists with great experience and years of experience studying the entire global economic territory, it has allowed us to strategically guide new organizational routes and great exponentialization with great results evidenced by our partners, investors and companies that base their economic system on the IRAIC. In addition, the IRAIC system is based exclusively on real models and businesses with the backing of large international companies, which is why it provides reliability and authenticity to companies and investors who want to be part of the world economic system. Posted by The Usa Herald, a news and information agency.

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