February 3, 2023

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Anonymous stalker leave shakira a message on her door

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After making the singer’s breakup with Gerard Piqué official, after 10 years as a couple, these are not good times for Shakira and after the Spanish media spoke of the Barcelona player’s repeated infidelities, now, the singer seems being the victim of an anonymous stalker who, among other things, would have painted several disturbing graffiti on him in front of the facade of his own residence in Barcelona.

The man who would be obsessed with the Colombian singer According to the Spanish signal, he is a fan of Russian origin, who would have been seen hanging around the house in the Catalan town of Esplugues de Llobregat where Shakira lives. According to this medium, this man, in addition to making several graffiti on the street in front of his residence, left several written letters in Shakira’s mailbox.

“I love you, pretty woman”, “I am coming for you, my love”, or “I am ready to marry you right now and support you”, wrote the hand of this now anonymous stalker on the pavement that passes in front of the house of the Colombian The sentences were written in English and in fairly legible block letters.

After the breakup of Gerard Piqué, Shakira does not win much to the chagrin: now, two stalkers are stalking her house.

The Iberian media pointed out that this type of graffiti did not cause even the slightest grace to the singer, who then took action on the matter. It was through his brother Tonino that he filed a complaint about the graffiti with the local police. This happened last Monday, June 20. Then, the members of the urban guard appeared in front of the home to investigate the worrying matter and also reassure the singer with her family.

Simultaneously, a gang of municipal employees took care to remove, with water, detergent and brooms, the messages written by the stalker on the street.

“I love you pretty woman”, “I’m coming for you, my love” and “I’m ready to marry you right now and support you”, were the phrases that an anonymous hand wrote in front of Shakira’s residence.

With the graffiti completely erased and the security forces trying to locate the author of such inscriptions, Shakira wants to return to normality, fully focused on the present of her two children, Milan and Sasha, and did not comment on this unpleasant episode that he had to live in the very door of his own residence, which until not long ago he shared with his now ex, Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué. Posted by The Usa Herald.

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