June 5, 2023

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Squid game cards are used in the United States

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The Relief app took advantage of the popularity of the Netflix series to offer its services to citizens of the United States.

Desperate people receive a proposal. They will earn a lot of money if they pass a series of children’s games. But if they lose, they die. Thus begins “The Squid Game”, Netflix’s great success.

Relief app co-founder Bryan Okeke distributes cards around Wynwood, a downtown Florida neighborhood. A circle, a triangle and a square are painted on the obverse.

People’s first reaction to seeing these symbols is one of concern. In the South Korean series, the most watched in Netflix history, a man in a suit slaps the protagonist every time he loses a bet against him. He then he leaves her the famous card to participate in the contest.

Turning the card over, passersby smile to see that it is just a marketing campaign. “There is a better way to end debt,” can be read on the reverse.

The Relief app helps people who owe money on their credit cards to get out of debt. To do this, it allows them to negotiate for free with their creditors.

“One of the underlying themes in the Squid Game series is what happens when people deal with toxic debt and the poor decisions they make because of it,” explains Jason Saltzman, the company’s CEO.

The protagonists of the series agree to put their lives in danger because they owe a lot of money and they are totally desperate.

That was what inspired the campaign. “It’s a great opportunity for us to raise awareness while the issue is hot, thanks to this huge show,” adds Saltzman of the success of “The Squid Game.”


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