June 5, 2023

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Coffee and tea reduce the risk of dementia

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Coffee and tea are the favorite drinks to accompany breakfast or dinner. People who consume this type of drink could keep their brains in shape according to recently published research.

The study carried out in the United Kingdom reveals that the daily consumption of coffee or tea in adults can reduce the risk of suffering a stroke or dementia compared to people who do not drink any of these.

Although this study was carried out for 11 years, with these findings a direct relationship between cause and effect cannot be established, but it can ensure that these drinks have health benefits.

Dementia is the progressive loss of cognitive functions. This disease, which is more frequent in adults, is destined to be increasingly recurrent as life expectancy in countries has increased.

In the same way, strokes are identified when there is an interruption of blood flow in the brain. This sudden interruption represents approximately 10% of deaths in the world, and if patients survive this they can be left with sequelae such as dementia.

This study, which included 365,682 participants aged 50 to 74 years, analyzed the consumption of coffee and tea combined or separately at Biobank in the UK. Researchers have reviewed data for this group of people since the mid-2000s.

Among the characteristics of the people who were surveyed, it was highlighted that they had no history of stroke or dementia and they were followed closely for about 11 years until 2020.

The benefits of tea have already been considered in scientific studies previously and it is considered a healthy drink, however coffee is one of the drinks that generates more controversy and it is that for some time now it has been shown that it is not as harmful as It was said and can generate more health benefits.

Results from this analysis found that participants who reported drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee with 2 to 3 cups of tea per day were associated with a 30% lower risk of stroke and dementia. Additionally, a combination of coffee and tea appeared to correlate with a lower risk of stroke and dementia compared to coffee or tea alone.

Intake of coffee alone or in combination with tea was associated with a lower risk of dementia after stroke.


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