February 5, 2023

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Scientists discover possible health benefits of drinking tea

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Due to its popularity, tea is usually the perfect companion for some meals, standing out on all continents along with coffee, tea is one of the beverages with the highest rates of high consumption in the world.

The United Nations, in fact, determined that May 21 is International Tea Day, which aims to raise awareness about the consumption of this natural preparation and its sustainable production.

Scientists have been interested in studying this drink. Beauty and aesthetic blogs often recommend tea for weight loss or as a natural detoxifier. A current publication in the Annals of Internal Medicine, get a study linking a type of tea to overall health.

Currently there is a diversity of tea, and in most cases, it is classified by the color that the plant gives to the water. Among the most used is black tea and a group of scientists from the National Cancer Institute of the United States became interested in it, so they analyzed it.

The group of researchers in the finding analyzed that the higher the consumption of black tea per day (2 or 3 cups), the risk of death would be reduced by 9 to 13% and this has a possible relationship with diseases such as ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular accidents, respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

The study group had the collaboration of more than 498 thousand people from the United Kingdom, between 40 and 69 years old, who were surveyed in relation to the habit of drinking tea and their health status was observed for more than 10 years .

However, the amounts of the natural product and the concentrations with which it was ingested were not taken into account in the investigation.

The research was essentially linked to deaths from heart disease. On the other hand, the trend in terms of death from cancer was not precise and that should have been the main point to analyze, since the aforementioned institution focuses on said disease.

The results showed that the consumption of tea can become an important variable to maintain a healthy diet and this affects the improvement of the organism.


Which has more health benefits Coffee or Tea?

Since this Tuesday, the academy and researchers from other scientific scenarios do not agree with the finding that is generating discussion.

For example, Marion Nestle, professor of food studies at New York University (USA), is opposed to the study, since, according to her criticism and knowledge, “observational studies like this always ask the question: Is there something more in tea drinkers that makes them healthier?”

The interpretation and dissemination of the conclusions for the academic, had to be analyzed with caution.

It was specified that more evidence is needed to fully say that people should change their daily tea drinking habits.


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Black tea comes from the fermented leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant.

Black tea contains 2% to 4% caffeine, which affects thinking and alertness. It also contains antioxidants and other substances that could help protect the heart and blood vessels. Published by The USA Herald, news and information agency.

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