June 5, 2023

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Study, Frequent use of a mask causes vocal fatigue and voice problems

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One of the elements that have been used since the beginning of the pandemic in the world is the mask, which according to the World Health Organization is a barrier to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Since 2020, the mask has become another garment for everyday use. That is why speech therapy studies at the Manuela Beltrán University have revealed the consequences of wearing a mask with the voice, vocal cords and communicative health.

The results were based on the implications in the speech part, with the use of the N95 mask, the surgical mask and the cloth mask.

The Speech Therapist and Health Master of the Lady Cantor University, “it was found that cloth masks are representing a greater affection in this component because the person with whom I am communicating does not understand me, so instinctively what is done is to try to speak louder so that from the perspective of the common, they understand me, but what I am really doing is increasing the volume, but not necessarily improving the understanding of what I am saying ”, he assures.

In addition to the implications that were registered with the constant use of the mask, virtuality is another factor that is afflicting some sectors of the population. In the case of primary, high school and university teachers, they have also suffered serious voice impairments.

About 25% of the teachers who teach virtual classes and who did not have symptoms of voice problems, began to develop it, which is why Cantor affirms that the use of headbands with headphones has caused a mismatch when monitoring the voice.

“The teachers wear headbands with large headphones and a microphone; but what those hearing aids do is an occlusion effect that prevents their own voice from being monitored and when I can’t hear myself what I tend to do is increase the volume of the voice to have control of what I’m saying, even if I’m talking to the computer ” , he comments.

Although it is true that the use of masks and social isolation must continue to be implemented for the prevention of COVID-19, other elements of the body must be taken into account that help improve communication and reduce the burden that is being placed on the voice.


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