February 5, 2023

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Vasectomy Requests on the Rise in the US

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Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe and Wade, ending the constitutional right to abortion, it appears that men in the US are rushing to get vasectomies.

Following Roe’s annulment, urologists told The USA Herald that they have seen an increase in requests for this procedure.

Tampa, Fla., resident Thomas Figueroa, 27, told the newspaper he signed up for a vasectomy Monday with Doug Stein, a Florida urologist known as the “Vasectomy King.”

Figueroa told the newspaper, “It’s something that I had put aside until recently, when the Supreme Court’s resolution was produced,” “That was the triggering factor. It made something in my mind say, ‘Okay, I really don’t want kids. I’m going to have a vasectomy now.’”

Dr. Stein said that prior to the court’s ruling on Friday, he was receiving between four and five requests each day, a figure that has increased to between 12 and 18 requests per day.

Dr. Stein told the newspaper that “A lot of the kids say they’ve been thinking about a vasectomy for a while, and the Roe v. Wade was just that final factor that made them decide to sign up online.” “It was very, very noticeable on Friday, and then the number that came in over the weekend was huge and the number that keeps coming in far exceeds what we’ve experienced in the past.”

In 2002, the National Center for Health Statistics reported that the main reason women gave for using a vasectomy for birth control was that they or their partners did not want more children. The procedure is a form of permanent sterilization that prevents sperm from combining with semen.

Between 2011 and 2015, other reasons became more apparent, including medical issues and problems using other types of birth control.

Childless men under the age of 30 are requesting the procedure in greater numbers than ever before, Dr. Stein and his partner John Curington told The USA Herald, and Roe’s overturning has had a direct effect on their patients.

And that is surprising. That is something that was never a topic of conversation, until this week”, “I would say that at least 60% or 70% mention the Supreme Court ruling”, stressed Dr. Curington. “And some of them are young men who are so sophisticated that they are actually thinking about Justice Thomas and his opinion that contraception may be next.

Iowa urologist Esgar Guarin said he has seen a “200 to 250%” increase in traffic to his vasectomy website while Los Angeles urologist Philip Werthman told the publication that the The number of vasectomy consultations he has had has increased by “300 to 400 percent.

The director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery at Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, urologist Marc Goldstein, told The USA Herald that he sees twice as many people for vasectomy reversals as he does for vasectomies each week.

“Now it’s the other way around,” he explained. “So it’s been a dramatic change. And this resolution is only going to reverberate even more in terms of increased requests.”

 “This is probably one of the few things in politics that really affects me very personally and very hard. It certainly opened my eyes.” Figueroa told The USA Herald newspaper.

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