June 5, 2023

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A new volcano is born under the sea after a great underwater earthquake never before registered

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A team from the University of Paris established an observatory around the new volcano, located between cracks in the crust of East Africa and Madagascar. Therefore, new submarine eruptions and other volcanic events are expected in the future in this region.

Researchers from the University of Paris began monitoring this area between February 25 and May 6, 2019. There they detected 17,000 earthquakes originating between 20 and 50 kilometers below the ocean floor.
Additionally, 84 low-frequency earthquakes and a type of movement that occurs in subduction zones were recorded.

Researchers reconstructed the reasons for the birth of the volcano. According to them, it began with a magma deposit on the border between the molten mantle and the lithosphere, which is the solid layer that encompasses the earth’s crust.

They indicate that tectonic processes damaged the lithosphere in Madagascar, creating openings through which magma seeped into the crust.

Eventually, the magma reached the seabed and erupted, producing 5 cubic kilometers of lava. This is how the new volcano was shaped.


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