February 8, 2023

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Bolsonaro reaffirms that the COVID vaccine will not be mandatory in Brazil

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The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, reaffirmed the vaccine against COVID-19 will not be mandatory, nor will the Government promulgate the requirement of a health passport like the one that states and municipalities intend to implement.

“As far as the federal government depends, the vaccine will not be mandatory and we will not have a health passport. Freedom must be above everything,” Bolsonaro said once again during the weekly broadcast of his live program through social networks.

Without elaborating or giving details, Bolsonaro even cited that 70% of deaths from COVID in recent days in the United Kingdom, where the pandemic accelerated again, correspond to vaccinated people and defended, as usual, drug treatments without scientific proof against coronavirus.

Bolsonaro’s statement comes a day after a very harsh report presented by a Senate commission on the pandemic in Brazil, which concluded that the president aggravated the crisis by a political decision and accused him of crimes against humanity.

Brazil, one of the three countries most affected by the coronavirus in absolute terms along with the United States and India, accumulates almost 22 million confirmed cases and 605,000 deaths associated with COVID-19.

The document also denounces the president for eight other crimes, classified as epidemic resulting in death, violation of sanitary measures, medical quackery, incitement to crime, attacks against the dignity of the position, prevarication, falsification of documents and irregular use of public money.

In this regard, Bolsonaro said in his broadcast: “I have a clear conscience, that commission was a fantasy story and a festival of bullshit.”

The president also referred to the fact that he almost never used masks and went on to mention that current United States health authorities mentioned in the past decade that deaths from the Spanish flu at the beginning of the 20th century were more due to pneumonia caused by bacteria than face mask.

“Perhaps I am the only head of state in the world to show his face in that (of the masks). The decision does not always please everyone. But we have to decide which side we are on and it is not the politically correct side. I chose the true side, the side of the truth, “he added.

For Bolsonaro, “the stay-at-home policy ‘is one of the most perverse of humanity. Here in Brazil, everyone adopted it -after the Supreme Court empowered states and municipalities-. A large part of the population asked’ lockdown ‘and I had the power, but I didn’t close a single medicine cabinet. “


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