March 22, 2023

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In Peru they discover a great “underworld” of an unknown civilization

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Archaeological discoveries do not cease to be news of public interest, surprising findings always come to light. One of the most recent is related to a “massive underground world, which shows traces of an unknown civilization, which at some point in history inhabited Peru.”

It is an archaeological site par excellence, which in 1985 was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the renowned city of Chavín de Huantar, the place where this impressive underground structure is located.

According to the statements issued by the Ministry of Culture of Peru, around 35 underground passages have been found in the area. One aspect that draws the researchers’ attention is that these passageways are interconnected.

The experts and archaeologists in charge of the project, to carry out the exploration, relied on state-of-the-art technology. They used small robots, with built-in micro cameras to guarantee better observation and to be able to reach the smallest and most remote areas of the maze.


Great results are achieved

During the time that the observations have been made, the researchers managed to establish some considerable points regarding this unknown subterranean civilization. For example, it is considered that it could have developed in the region of the Peruvian Andean highlands.

This culture possibly dominated large tracts of land around the coast, according to archaeologists and other researchers. In addition, the study revealed that they had a marked influence on the other neighboring peoples, possibly between the years 1300 and 500 BC. c.

In addition, it has been established that the unknown underground civilization in Peru could develop an “advanced knowledge in metallurgy, control over the technique of welding and temperature”. Experts say that “they became the precursors in the management of gold works”, specifically for the refining process.


Archaeological discovery of great impact

Anthropologist and archaeologist John Rick. He is in charge of the Chavín conservation project and the Archaeological Research Program. In his most recent statements, he was blunt in indicating that “we are in the presence of a finding that has a profound impact, perhaps the most important in the last 50 years.”

It is described in more detail, what has been seen so far by robots with micro cameras, is really very interesting. Up to 3 different underground levels are shown within the archaeological complex, where several spacious galleries can be appreciated.

Cameras captured ceramic objects and what appears to be a burial site. It is possible that it is the place that this ancient society chose to carry out its funeral rituals. There are other very interesting and revealing aspects of this underground world.

It is worth noting that some utensils were found that were also in good condition, despite being several centuries old. The scientists were able to collect samples of what are supposed to be human remains, which are very well preserved.


The contribution of ancient civilizations

Chavín de Huántar is considered the most important archaeological complex in the Ancash region. The original architectural building dating back centuries, had two imposing temples. Currently, only some of its parts can be seen, although in a good state of conservation.

The Chavín culture, according to records filed by various historians and researchers, local and foreign, had a significant contribution to future civilizations. In addition, its influence on other cultures has been demonstrated, especially in the fields of construction and religion.

The discovery of the underground world arises, when everything indicated that enough was already known about this ancient civilization. Exactly below the ground, in the areas that adjoin the circular plaza of the complex, it was there that the tunnels of what is now known as “the enormous underground world of an unknown civilization” were found.


Much to discover

Everything seems to show that soon we will have new news about this formidable discovery of the unknown underground world. Observation work, data collection and objects continue on their way.

So there are still many treasures to be found, surely by recovering them, researchers will be able to give more details about the origin of this enigmatic ancient civilization.

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