February 2, 2023

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It is evident that southern Europe is warming twice as much

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This 2022 will go down in history as one of the hottest years since records exist, with a burning summer, followed by an exceptionally hot autumn, thus joining the long list of temperature records that have already been broken in recent decades. . The data and evidence are accumulating in such a way that no one doubts that global warming is accelerating and that we are heading towards the harshest climate scenarios predicted.

On the other hand, regarding global warming, we are aware that its consequences may be different in each particular region of the world. In this line, a study has just been published, entitled “Unmasking the effects of aerosols in the greenhouse effect on Europe”, which refers to how certain regions of our continent are suffering a disturbing acceleration in this increase in temperatures.

Reports from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stating that warming in land areas (1.6 °C) is occurring faster than in the oceans (0.9 °C). Now, through this new study carried out by the University of Stockholm and published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, it alerts us that the emissions budget to avoid a warming of two degrees Celsius in much of Europe during the spring -Summer of this year, it has also been sold out. In fact, measurements reveal that warming during the summer months in much of Europe over the last four decades has already exceeded two degrees.

Indeed, we have spent decades of sterile negotiations, broken agreements and world climate summits to try not to reach that global rise of 2 °C by 2050, and it turns out that in a large part of Europe we have already largely overcome that barrier.

As estimated, those large regions of Europe to which the study refers are those located in the center and, above all, the south with the Iberian Peninsula as one of the most affected. Explains in EurekAlert Paul Glantz, lead author of the study, “In southern Europe, a clear positive feedback caused by global warming is evident, that is, warming is amplified due to drier soil and less evaporation. Also, there has been less cloud cover over much of Europe, possibly as a result of less water vapor in the air.” “What we are seeing in southern Europe is in line with what the IPCC has predicted, which is that further human impact on the greenhouse effect would lead to dry areas on Earth becoming even drier.”

Near-surface temperature increases, estimated for both clear-sky and full-sky conditions, are up to about 1°C for Central and Eastern Europe, the study reports differentiating between sky conditions. However, the total warming over much of this region under clear-sky conditions is almost twice the global mean temperature increase of 1.1°C, while it is somewhat less under all-sky conditions.

Unfortunately, Spain has the worst part, since the effects of aerosols on warming in the Iberian Peninsula are weaker compared to countries further north. The rapid overall warming over the Iberian Peninsula is caused by the greenhouse effect, drier surface conditions and, to some extent, decreased aerosols.

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