June 5, 2023

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The headquarters of the Pentagon in the United States after apparent shooting in a nearby area

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United States authorities decided to emergency close the Pentagon headquarters in Arlington County, near Washington D.C., apparently because there was a shooting in a nearby area, according to local media.

For now, the Pentagon security body reported that it is currently blocked due to an incident at the Pentagon Transit Center. We ask the public to avoid the area. Soon there will be more information, without confirming if it was really a violent event, awaiting more details.

According to NBC News, “a Pentagon announcement said the facility was closed due to police activity. Although no further details were given, an Associated Press (AP) reporter near the building heard multiple gunshots.”

Shootings in the United States continue to pose a strong threat to citizens. It was recently known that the American tiktoker Anthony Barajas died at the age of 19 after being shot in a California cinema last Monday and spending several days in hospital. Authorities described the attack as “random and unprovoked”.


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