February 3, 2023

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The UN foresees 2022 with more humanitarian needs due to crisis and violence

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The UN estimates that some 274 million people, 17% more than in 2021, will need humanitarian aid in 2022 due to conflicts and crises in places such as Ethiopia, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela or Central America, but also due to the effects of the pandemic and climate change.

After two difficult years, marked by COVID-19, but in which new conflicts have also arisen while others of long duration persist, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has also decided to increase its request for help by 17%. by 2022, up to a record budget of $ 41 billion.

“My goal is that this global appeal can help give hope to millions of people who desperately need it,” said Martin Griffiths, chief of humanitarian coordination for the United Nations, when presenting the annual assistance plan.

With this assistance plan, it is expected to help 183 of the 274 million people vulnerable to challenges such as violence but also to environmental problems triggered by global warming, which according to the UN affected some 16 million people in 2020.

Climate-related natural disasters are becoming more frequent and variable, and the UN estimates that up to 216 million people may have to move within their own countries in 2050 for this reason.

Many of the 63 countries targeted by the UN plan have seen their situation worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, which according to data from the humanitarian coordination agency have lost 1.8 million lives as a result of this disease and they have only received 4% of the vaccines administered on the planet.

Of the 41,000 million dollars requested, the largest amount would go to Syria and neighboring countries that host refugees from that nation in conflict (9,800 million), while more than 5,000 million would go to Afghanistan, almost 4,000 million to Yemen and 2,800 million to Ethiopia.

In Afghanistan, the only country where all the humanitarian assistance requested by the UN agency arrived this year, the request for assistance will triple by 2022, due to the country’s economic collapse, drought and the erosion of basic services such as health or education.

The United Nations asks the international community to make a special effort to respond to these requests for help, after donations in 2021 have so far covered only 46% of the humanitarian aid requested a year ago by the same agency.

Of the 37.7 billion dollars requested for 2021, only 17.2 billion have materialized, and in countries such as Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Haiti, Colombia or Chad, less than a third of the aid required for UN assistance programs arrived.

Griffith highlighted that famine continues to be a terrifying prospect for 45 million people in 43 countries and stressed that in most crises women and girls suffer the most, as gender inequalities are accentuated.


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