February 8, 2023

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The United States rejects that Syria enters the executive board of the World Health Organization

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United States Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, described Syria’s recent entry into the executive board of the World Health Organization (WHO) as absurd and did not rule out suggesting extraordinary measures to suspend their voting privileges.

In a hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House to detail the priorities of the Government of Joe Biden at the UN, the ambassador expressed her disappointment at the inclusion, on May 28, of Syria among the 34 members of the executive board of the WHO for the next three years.

The decision to appoint Syria as a member of the executive board was made by members of the Eastern Mediterranean group, which includes some twenty countries, and has been widely criticized by different NGOs and human rights activists, as it gives it power over the implementation of its agenda and policies.

“It is absurd that Syria is in the WHO,” said Thomas-Greenfield, who recognized the work of the White Helmets, essentially Syrian doctors who run towards the bombs to save lives and who on his last visit shared their experience with the attacks on hospitals by the Bashar Al Asad regime.

Asked if she considers that the entry of Syria is a prize for the criminal behavior of the regime, the US ambassador regretted the lack of opposition in the appointment, but highlighted the importance of being able to raise her voice and press from a multilateral table.

In that sense, she maintained that she “will comment with her colleagues” and will rule later on a possible commitment by the United States to investigate the suspension of voting privileges for Syria in the organization’s Health Assembly, an extraordinary measure. .

Regarding the epidemiological situation of the country in conflict for a decade, she pointed out that there have been problems in getting the COVID-19 vaccine to some areas due to the closure of borders, but the UN is trying to make progress.


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