June 5, 2023

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United States, Controversy over real gun that looks like Lego toy

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Hard controversy has been unleashed after learning about the manufacture of a pistol that resembles a children’s toy created with Lego pieces, but which is actually a lethal weapon.

The pistol was created in the United States and put on sale in this country where there are no restrictions on the purchase and sale of weapons.

The curious creation aroused the interest of gun lovers because it was different and creative; However, it generated great displeasure in organizations that fight for the regularization and control of this free sale and for which alarming figures are indicated on the death of minors due to the manipulation of firearms.

The creation was classified as irresponsible and dangerous, beyond imagination. Even though guns don’t look like toys, children can use them.

In the promotion of the pistol called ‘Block19’, spread by Instagram and on the website dedicated to the product, a message was observed that said: “This is one of our childhood dreams come true.”

After the controversy broke out, the Moms Demand Action association, one of the organizations that is pushing for stricter gun laws, contacted the Lego company to publicize the situation that relates it.

The children’s toy token makers agreed to reject the creative weapon and requested that it be withdrawn from the market.

“Our organization contacted Lego, who then sent a formal notification letter to the irresponsible arms manufacturer,” Shannon Watts, founder of the Moms Demand Action association, said on her Twitter account.

After receiving the request, the manufacturer decided to withdraw the Lego-shaped gun from sale, which had been named ‘Block19’, which is why it no longer appears on its page.

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