June 5, 2023

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Banco Bursátil is Investing in Blockchain and Crypto: $ 787 Million in CriptoBanc

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Marian Casirova, portfolio manager at Banco Bursátil oversees $ 787 million in client assets, stated that blockchain technology will fuel the fourth industrial revolution, echoing the stance of many investors.

“When you think about it from a business perspective, you have the ability to replace reconciliation, which is costly and requires an office, time, and paperwork, with more instant verification. What that means is that companies can have more efficient supply chains. They can cut back office and back office costs, allowing businesses to flow more efficiently and allowing costs to be lowered and savings saved. We believe that blockchain will be one of the five key technologies, along with automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things”, Casirova said in an interview with The Tampa Herald.

Banco Bursátil provides banking services, loans and commercial solutions. The Stock Bank has started to invest heavily in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector to facilitate the growing demand from banks for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Initially, bitcoin was the only way to access blockchain technology. Recently, Casirova stated that Banco Bursatil has started exploring a wide range of blockchain networks and technologies.

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