June 5, 2023

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Blue Dollar suffered its worst fall in 3 weeks, gap drilled 100% and touched minimum of 2022

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The Blue Dollar suffered its worst daily fall in three weeks, which led the gap with the official quotation drilling 100% for the first time since January 10, according to a scope of scope on the black currency market.

The informal dollar stepped back $ 3 to $ 211, its lowest level since mid-January. In this way, the price recorded its first weekly fall in February (- $ 4.50).

It was found in the middle of a strong fall of financial dollars, amid speculation about an Argentine agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to restructure a debt of more than 40,000 million dollars, and one day after the Central Bank raised the reference rate for the second time in the year.

Even so, the parallel dollar remained as the most expensive exchange rate on the market since the CCL did not stop its bearish march and closed below $ 207.

Consequently, the spread between the Blue Dollar and the wholesale exchange rate, which directly regulates the Central Bank, was reduced to 97.6%, minimum since December 22, 2021.

Beyond everything, the Blue Dollar turned four consecutive weeks operating above $ 210, since last January 18, climbing $ 209 to $ 211.

Blue dollar quote in the month
So far in February, the Blue Dollar falls $ 2, after closing $ 213 January, a month accumulated a rise of $ 5 or 2.4%. The last monthly increase was lower than inflation, which is estimated to be located around 4%.
Last December, the parallel dollar advanced $ 6.50 (+ 3.2%), against a monthly inflation of 3.8%, according to the INDEC. Likewise, in the accumulated 2021 it was up to 25.3% ($ 42), half with respect to inflation of the period (50.9%). However, it is worth remembering that in 2020 he had shown a sudden jump of 111%.

What is the Blue Dollar? The value of the Blue Dollar has a substantial difference with the official dollar, which is acquired in the banks and which has an established quote. Its sale is in the informal market, without regulations or limits, and therefore is generally operated at a higher value than the official dollar.

Why is it called Blue Dollar? The Blue Dollar origin is not clear as a denomination for the operation of the ticket in the informal market. But there are theories.

An explanation about its denomination indicates that it is called like this because in English, “Blue”, as well as name the blue color, refers to something dark.

Another theory is related to purchase operations through bonuses or actions of companies known as Blue Chips. They also link it with the approximate color that appears when a fibrón is applied to detect false bills.


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