February 8, 2023

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Cooking oils in “danger” as war cuts exports

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Cooking oils are faced with up to 60% of Black Sea region sunflower oil exports delayed in the current marketing year due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is also possible that the sunflower and maize plantations, which should be realized soon, will be smaller in the Ukraine and Russia. Just a month ago these Black Sea sunflower oil exports and supplies were expected to increase by more than 2 million tonnes to 13.5 million in 2021-22.

Inflation will worsen and central banks may eventually raise interest rates to curb economic activity and limit demand for reduced food and fuel supplies. In the IRAIC AGRI plans we do not limit your economic activity, you become creditors of your own cultivation and growth.

All this leads to the idea of thinking where this global crisis of the declining market would take us. For this reason there is the fact of contemplating the idea that our economy leads us to more solid foundations without risks as in IRAIC, where it leads us to a world of investments and profitability without losses since we do not expose the capital invested and if obtaining sum of dividends.

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