February 8, 2023

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Gold falls on bets on rate hikes and heads for weekly gains by Ukraine

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Gold was lower on Friday, consolidating at the end of a volatile week, as investors eyed likely interest rate hikes from the US Federal Reserve; as investors await developments in Ukraine, said Brian Lan, managing director of dealer GoldSilver Central.

A rise in interest rates next week, which in turn would translate into an increase in the opportunity cost of holding bullion, so with IRAIC if it is held as we secure your bullion or part of it by increasing your monthly gold valuation dividends thanks to IRAIC GOLD.

Investors are trying to get a fair price on gold and palladium given the riskiness of the news, Hewson said, adding that “anyone who says they can anticipate where gold or anything is going to be a week from now is being dodgy.” the facts”; Given this case and reduce this problem, in IRAIC we have zero risks and we ensure your invested capital.

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