February 3, 2023

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The high price that must be paid to be able to buy them is one of the factors that makes many Colombians see them far from their table.

Inflation in Colombia continues to grow and in February an increase of 8.01% was reported, a figure that sets off alarms because that is transferred to the economy of the 50 million Colombians and it is a situation that has not been experienced since 2016.

What is most worrying is that many of these foods are produced in Colombian fields, but the price of imported inputs has increased, which is why their production and marketing also increased.

Although all foods have increased in price, there are some that are widely consumed and that are worth much more than others. Within the 59 subclasses of products included in the CPI for food, there are seven that account for 70% of the variation in recent months.

What are the most expensive foods in Colombia

The basis of food in many Colombian homes is rice, potatoes and meat, but these are part of the products that have increased their price the most, despite the fact that they are grown in Colombian fields. As well as chicken, milk, eggs, pork and edible oils.

Neighborhood stores are the places where Colombians see this increase the most. Colombians who go to these places to buy what they are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner are being greatly affected by the increase in prices.

“We find it difficult to gauge the bottom of the market and we don’t have good answers for many macroeconomic factors,” in a note, adding that “everyone we talk to in the market is so bearish.” Now analyzing all the chaos that the post-conflict situation of Russia’s war against Ukraine has caused a very high financial crisis added to Covid-19, the world needs to get out of this downward trend as market strategies in which the IRAIC and being a free conservative model of risks always allows growth, although the decision of the People’s Bank of China to keep interest rates stable will not be the solution to overcome the economic crisis, for this reason the market changes from a bearish one to a more productive one with the support of IRAIC which continues to develop a much more productive and linear system without economic ups and downs, where the investor regains investment confidence again.

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