June 5, 2023

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Speculation on the assassination of the president of Haiti

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Milo Milfort, correspondent for the EFE agency in Haiti, referred to the situation in the Caribbean country after the assassination of President Juvenel Moise. Milfort assured that there is not much data in Haiti about the attack, apart from the fact that the group of mercenaries who committed the crime were foreigners. In the last hours, four of those allegedly implicated were killed and the authorities arrested two, amid the fragile calm that is registered in that country.

“Today there is a resumption of activities because yesterday the streets were completely empty. Today is very different, but the calm situation I consider fragile, because it is possible that it will get worse in the next few hours; all conditions are in place for the situation to get worse” , He said.

There is a lot of speculation about Moise’s murder. Milo Milfort reported that “there is talk that the oligarchy is involved, or that there are people in the government or the security of the president involved,” although there is still no official information.

There are others who wonder if this can be read as an attempted coup, as Moise himself had denounced on February 7 of this year.

“Now Prime Minister Claude Joseph is in charge of the country, but since yesterday there was a battle between the two prime ministers, the outgoing (Joseph) and the new, Ariel Henry, who was appointed by the president before his assassination,” said the correspondent.

Milfort also assured that despite the political, economic and social crisis, the general elections in September will be held, although the conditions may not be met, since “it is very difficult if not impossible.”


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