June 5, 2023

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The dollar exceeds the barrier of $ 3,900

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The price of the dollar opened the week at a trading average of $ 3,901.63, which represented an increase of $ 27.19 compared to the Representative Market Rate (TRM), which for today stood at $ 3,874.44.

According to data from the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), on Monday the currency has reached a maximum price of $ 3,905 and a minimum of $ 3,898.

This is the highest price of the year for the North American currency since May 18, 2020, when it reached $ 3,926.06.

According to some analysts, the rise in the dollar is explained, among other things, by the nervousness that the pandemic continues to generate in the world, especially the Delta variant, which has led investors to seek safe haven and safe assets such as the dollar. and the future of monetary policy in the United States.

“The volatility indicator woke up a bit stressed, it is reflecting the new friction between the United States and China, we could even reach $ 3,915,” said senior currency analyst Juan Eduardo Nates.

This year, the price of the dollar has risen more than $ 410.29. During the first semester it amounted to $ 324.17 and so far in July, $ 94.29.

The loss of value of the Colombian peso against the dollar has negative implications for the pocket of Colombians, since a good part of the goods and services that families consume are imported.

With the rise in the price of that currency, people who are planning to travel abroad are also affected, as air tickets increase in price.

However, national tourism wins with the price of the dollar, since the hotel sector benefits because it is cheaper for foreigners to visit the country.


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