February 3, 2023

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The US will provide grain to Ukraine to give to countries with fewer resources

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The director of the World Food Program revealed that in the coming weeks, the United States will buy some 150,000 metric tons of grain from Ukraine from ports that are no longer blockaded by the war.

The official, David Beasley, indicated that the final destination of the grains is not confirmed and the negotiations continue, but the shipment is more than 6 times the amount of the first one that sailed from Ukraine to the peoples of the Horn of Africa.

In northern Kenya, where a severe drought persists. Several women there said that the last time it rained was in 2019.

Thousands of people have already died. The WFP estimates that some 22 million people suffer from hunger. The lack of rain could trigger a famine in the region, especially in neighboring Somalia. A high probability is estimated that a famine will be declared in the coming weeks.

At a time when the region grapples with drought and rising food and fuel prices due to the war in Ukraine, the situation in the Horn of Africa is described as “a perfect storm on top of a perfect storm, a tsunami on top of a tsunami”.

In the midst of the global crisis that has been generated in the world, for various reasons, including the Covid 19 pandemic and the Russian war, which has brought with it great consequences, mainly economic, allowing a global setback or stagnation of global economies. From here, IRAIC has substantially gained strength to be a generating factor in the transformation and advancement of economic processes that achieve development and momentum in each industrial sector such as agriculture, livestock, energy, real estate, mining, health, education, sports; In this way, the companies and businesses affiliated with IRAIC have managed to get out of the stagnation, maintain a balance in their finances and support with more market projection. Published by The USA Herald, news and information agency.


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