June 5, 2023

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Vaccination anticovid accelerates in the world

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The COVID vaccination campaign is accelerating, with more than 3 billion doses administered worldwide, but it is threatened by the contagious Delta variant, which caused a record death toll in Russia and the confinement of 10 million Australians.

In less than four weeks after exceeding 2 billion injected doses, on Monday they exceeded 3 billion, reflecting the acceleration of immunization, but also the inequality between countries.

While in the countries with more resources an average of 79 doses was administered per 100 inhabitants, in the poorest the average is one.

The Latin American and Caribbean region, the most affected in the world in terms of the number of deaths from coronavirus, with a total of 1.26 million deaths, injected 37 doses per 100 inhabitants, slightly below the world average (39) .

Chile (118) and Uruguay (110) stand out as the fourth and seventh countries in the world with the most doses administered with respect to their population, a ranking led by the United Arab Emirates (153), Bahrain and Israel (124).

In contrast, other large countries in the region such as Brazil (46), Mexico (34), Colombia (45) or Peru (22) lag further behind.

“To end the pandemic, we need more vaccines. The Covax multilateral initiative (of the World Health Organization) ensures that vaccines are distributed fairly and reach the countries that need them most,” the secretary stressed on Tuesday. of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, at the opening of a summit of foreign ministers of the G20 in Matera, to the south of Italy.

Vaccines are the most effective buffer against the dangerous delta variant, present in at least 92 countries, which is spreading rapidly among people who have not yet been immunized.

In Europe, after two and a half months of progressive reduction in the number of infections, coronavirus cases are on the rise again and an average of 56,800 cases per day is recorded, 21% more than a week ago.

This variant is responsible for the latest epidemic wave in Russia, one of the most affected countries in the world, which on Tuesday recorded its highest number of daily deaths since the start of the pandemic, 652.

Russia, the most mourning country in Europe with 134,500 deaths according to its official balance, is the second with the most deaths in the last 24 hours, behind India (907) and ahead of Colombia (648).

The epicenter of this wave is located in its capital, Moscow, which two weeks ago raised the alarm and now has 75% of its beds for covid patients occupied.

Its authorities reimposed teleworking for some sectors, created a health card to go to restaurants or decreed compulsory vaccination for some workers, due to the distrust of its citizens.
But, just like they did during the last wave in December, they rule out a strict lockdown to preserve the economy.


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