February 3, 2023

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Biological sensor for precision agriculture without batteries and is powered by the soil

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The sensor designed by Bioo does not need an internal battery or solar panel to have energy, but rather generates it from the organic compounds present in the soil.

Innovation the biological sensor powered by the earth developed by Bioo, for the sustainable future of agriculture that works with 100% green energies, which help reduce costs, contribute to production and avoid expensive installations.

According to data from a study by Future Market Insights, the market for green and sustainable technology will represent more than 122 million dollars in 2032 -about 120 million euros-, compared to 13.2 million dollars in 2021, advancing to an annual growth of 22.4% between the years 2022 and 2032.

Among other factors, these forecasts respond to the increased use of new, more efficient technologies, such as battery-free radiofrequency identification sensors. Within this field, the Bioo company has developed a sustainable sensor for precision agriculture powered by organic matter and soil fertilizers.

Inside, the device has microorganisms that degrade the organic matter that enters inside due to the action of rain or irrigation; it releases energy by breaking down the material into more basic components that it uses to keep its sensors running.

The sensor can be for humidity, temperature and PH, it allows avoiding the use of chemical batteries and their replacements, as well as the most expensive and not 100% sustainable installations, such as solar panels, as highlighted by the positive impact fund Seven Roots, investor in the project.

In this way, it offers a less polluting, more sustainable and beneficial alternative in terms of production, operation and maintenance. The company Bioo brings to the table a new technology that allows the creation of 100% green energy, in absolute synergy with nature.

It is capable of creating energy from nature, using plants as biological switches, and generating biological batteries from organic substances in the soil. Your application can be adapted to different scenarios and scales.

The company is installing its biological sensor capable of feeding itself autonomously from the earth, which means replacing conventional chemical batteries with organic batteries, which can generate up to US$ 2 billion in annual savings, a real example of applying a sustainable solution that also nature regenerates. Published by The Usa Herald, news and information agency

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