February 5, 2023

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Mark Zuckerberg reveals what the next internet revolution will look like

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The metaverse is the next level of the Internet. It is not just Facebook or Google. It is a vision that encompasses many companies that exist and will soon emerge. He is taking the current two-dimensional experience we have of using laptops, tablets and mobile devices and expanding it to three dimensions by taking advantage of virtual and augmented reality glasses.

“You can think of the metaverse as an Internet incarnate,” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently told The Verge’s Casey Newton in this great podcast discussion. “Instead of viewing content, you are in it and you feel present with other people as if you were in other places having different experiences that you could not have in a 2D application or web page.”

How soon will this happen? Within the decade, according to Zuckerberg. How real is this? Very real. The world of the metaverse is already unfolding. Billions of dollars are being invested. Big tech companies like Facebook are building the hardware and the software. And the world of the metaverse will eventually include countless communities, creators, digital commerce providers, application developers, hardware companies, and who knows who else will build new industries around them.

In tomorrow’s metaverse, we won’t be on Zoom calls or Facebook groups. We will not post messages or watch YouTube videos. We will be transported there. We will be at the conference. We will be at the meeting. We will be with our colleagues, friends and family. And we will do so by wearing lightweight, modern, normal-looking lenses that will respond to our commands and transport us, or holograms of us, to all these different places, immediately and no matter where we are.

Because of this, business interactions will change forever.

“In today’s meetings you’re looking at a grid of faces on a screen,” says Zuckerberg. But this is not right, is it? “We are used to being in a room with people and having a sense of shared space. (In the metaverse) there will be a sense of presence that will be much more natural. “

The interactions will be significantly richer and more real, he believes. “Instead of just having a meeting over a phone call, you can sit as a hologram on my couch or I can sit as a hologram on your couch. It will feel like we are in the same place even though we are in different states. “

Much of this is hardware dependent, and Zuckerberg predicts big shifts in augmented and virtual reality devices on the horizon. “These days, VR headsets are a bit clunky and heavy,” he says. “There needs to be progress, such as being able to express oneself, have a higher resolution and read the text better.” The hardware will have to cram very advanced processing into very small places and run for a long time. It is overwhelming. “But we are succeeding,” he says.


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