June 5, 2023

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OnlyFans regrets and will no longer ban sexual content

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For several weeks it had been known that the owners of the controversial platform were considering turning their business around and banning the publication of erotic or adult content. Apparently, the goal was to turn OnlyFans into a site that offers content for all the public and is mainly focused on the lives of celebrities.

This determination unleashed strong criticism from users of the platform who oppose the measure because it would directly affect their interests.

Now it seems that this fierce opposition has managed to reverse the decision initially made by the owners of OnlyFans. Well, the brand has announced that it will reverse its determination to ban explicit erotic content on the platform.

Therefore, the change that was to be applied for next October 1 has been suspended. However, for now the brand has not clarified whether this will be a final determination or a provisional measure.

This announcement was made through a brief communication that was issued from the official OnlyFans account on Twitter.

“Thank you all for making your voices heard. We have obtained the necessary guarantees to support our diverse community of creators and we have suspended the policy change planned for October 1. OnlyFans is synonymous with inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators, “said the brand.

It should be noted that OnlyFans has established itself as an extremely lucrative business model for public figures and hundreds of people around the world, who began to offer exclusive content, in some cases erotic, in exchange for a paid subscription.

Thanks to this dynamic, several people decided to create a profile on the platform and start publishing adult content to generate an economic income.


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