March 22, 2023

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Telegram offers an option that WhatsApp does not yet have

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Telegram is an instant messaging platform like WhatsApp that has been concerned with implementing updates that are aimed at incorporating new features and improving its security systems to protect the information that its users share in chats.

The app will develop a function that WhatsApp users have required for a couple of years to be incorporated into the Meta platform.

This new tool allows you to create an audio or video transcript. So that users can instantly transform the content of a voice or video message into text. Said service would be offered by a bot created by third parties.

The platform is currently one of the five most downloaded applications in the world and has nearly 700 million active users per month. Telegram would also be working on achieving user growth through the strategy of integrating new functions.

On the other hand, it is essential to remember that there are currently a couple of methods to obtain the transcription of an audio sent via WhatsApp and without the need to install apps created by third parties.

An example of this is “Alfred The Transcriber”, a bot created for WhatsApp that is capable of transcribing audio. To use this resource, users only need to add the number +14156809230 to their contact list and then open a chat with this new contact.

The user, from the conversation with the bot, will be able to forward the voice note that needs to be transcribed and after a few minutes they will be able to have a complete text with the transcription in the chat.

Despite the fact that this service is completely free, it should be noted that this tool has a limitation, which is that it can only convert audios that do not exceed 60 minutes in length to text.

It is important to note that this is not a foolproof service and there is a possibility that the transcription may not be 100% perfect.

Telegram prepares a function for its users to earn money quickly.

The application has introduced payment messages as a format that allows creators to monetize their multimedia content, which is only seen once the payment has been completed.

The system would block the display of photos or videos, until a user pays a fee that would be set by the creator of said content.

These payment messages can be found in the verified automated account @donate, where “the funds will be transferred to the author of the content, as explained by the company on the Telegram info English channel.

This is an option that is not native to the instant messaging platform and its service would be provided by a bot that was executed by third parties.

The user would see a faded image of the content before paying along with a message indicating the price to cancel in order to unlock its display; Clicking on said content will open the payment system, which would be executed through the Smart Glocal Payments system.

This option would work relatively similar to that of the OnlyFans platform, where users must pay a fee, set by the creator of the content, to be able to view a series of videos or photos that usually have adult content.

Allegedly, payments for content will be immediately transferred to the content author. However, the percentage that the creators of the bot that offers this service would receive is still unknown.

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