February 8, 2023

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We need versatile devices that adapt to our rhythm of life

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During the last year and a half, our workplace, leisure environment or social gatherings have acquired a new dimension, also causing a change in our demands on the devices we use. Today, we need technology that adapts to every area of ​​our life. And Microsoft has been working on the Surface family of devices for years to achieve exactly that. How is your proposal?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things and left unpublished stamps that, in many cases, are here to stay.

Seniors who have become experts in video calls, adults who work from the kitchen of their house or children giving classes and taking exams through a screen. And throughout this process, technology has been the key that has allowed us to adapt and move forward.

Now, accustomed to technology being present in every area of ​​our life, we hope that it is also able to help us by offering a premium experience and being as sustainable as possible.

We want you to provide us with comfort at work, while managing to entertain us with our favorite series or help us cook the best dish at a dinner with friends. And not only that, but this technology must be adapted to our particular reality, to our tastes. Today, we seek that and much more. And if it can be in a single device, the better.

In this context, it is especially important to have versatile, comfortable and easy-to-use equipment that adapts to our particular lifestyle.

But, to choose the most appropriate one, it is convenient to look at certain key characteristics such as, for example, that it offers good performance, provides adequate security -from the conception of the hardware itself-, has a wide autonomy or is able to move to the office or our leisure whenever we want.

It must also be able to provide us with a premium experience and even measure up to safety or sustainability. Therefore, we need a device that adapts to our day to day.

How many times a week do you have a video call, either with coworkers, with your family or with friends? The pandemic has taught us that communication and contact with our loved ones is more important than we thought.

Now, when it comes to communicating in the distance, we need to be able to interact with others as if they were with us physically.

To reproduce these remote meetings practically as if they were face-to-face, there is a fundamental aspect: the quality of the image and the sound of the device.

Microsoft, one of the best-known technology companies, is aware of these new needs. In fact, all its devices offer the highest quality to suit any type of user, whatever their preferences.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is a clear example of versatility. It includes a high-contrast PixelSense 3: 2 touch screen and two different sizes -13.5 and 15 inches-, combined with an integrated high-sensitivity HD front camera for poorly lit environments, ideal features to communicate from a distance, but also to immerse ourselves in a movie or series.

This is coupled with built-in studio microphones and Omnisonic speakers with Dolby® Atmos ™ surround sound, which sit hidden under the keyboard for a near cinematic experience.

At a time when everyone, from children to adults, has learned to interact in some case through a device, it is important to choose one that offers great usability.

That allows us, from making the purchase online to attending a remote robotics class, and, above all, that it adapts to each member of the family.

With the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 you can use the touch screen, use the built-in keyboard or the trackpad with multi-touch gestures.

In addition, the appearance of this device responds to a comfortable and elegant design, available in platinum or matte black, with high-quality materials and an exceptional finish.

And not only that. In a context in which hybrid work is the protagonist of our lives in many cases, Surface Laptop 4 is fast and efficient, allowing you to combine face-to-face work and remote work with the same productivity.

This style of work is here to stay. Microsoft knows this and offers us devices that adapt to the new reality.

The different devices in the Surface family play with a clear advantage: they have been designed by Microsoft specialists to get the most out of Windows, whether we are talking about performance or user experience or if we focus on security, at home or on the go. the company.

In addition, starting next October 5, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 will also be able to enjoy the interesting news of Windows 11 through a free update that comes to boost productivity and creativity in the new reality that we live in.

Millions of companies and employees around the world have found that it is not necessary to go to the office every day to do productive work. So, combining office and home to work is increasingly common, allowing greater flexibility and a family conciliation.

In this sense, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is a silent device that has different configurations with Intel Core processors of 11th generation or AMD Ryzen Mobile processors with Radeon ™ Graphics Microsoft Surface® Edition of eight cores.

Thanks to these technologies, running multiple programs at the same time is no longer synonymous with despair and unproductive stops.

As a result, the Surface Laptop 4 provides a smoother and more productive experience even in demanding multitasking scenarios.

Its autonomy of up to 19 hours and fast charging also facilitate workflows without interruptions.

It also has a wide variety of connections for all kinds of accessories, such as USB-A, USB-C, Surface Connect and a headphone jack.


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